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Trigger’s Story

Dear Fresh Pet, I am writing you about Trigger, my one-year-old picky eater Yorkshire Terrier. I have had him since he was 9 weeks old and have always struggled to get him to eat well. I had tried multiple brands and progressed to the point I had to boil a chicken breast, shred it and add to a little shredded chicken to each feeding to get him to eat. We live in a rural area and was excited but nervous when I saw your display at our new, local Hy-Vee store. I decided to by a roll of the small dog recipe and see what my picky eater thought. That evening, I diced a 1/4 serving of your recipe and mixed it with his existing food to transition WITHOUT adding his usual shredded chicken and to my surprise, he cleaned the plate. And so, it has gone since, happily licking his plate clean each feeding and at times even going for seconds. Before that he rarely cleaned his plate! He finds it delicious, and I find it reasonably priced compared to the other fresh dog food to door services and he prefers it to his other food (which required addition of shredded chicken topper). I have to go to the store for Human food, no big deal to pick up the dog food as well. Now Human prep time has been cut to a minimum and I feel happy knowing my picky eater is getting the nutritionally balanced food he needs to stay healthy as he grows. Thank-You!

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