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Roxie and Dixie Doxie’s Story

Dear Freshpet, Dixie and Roxie Doxie are senior dachshunds and a big part of our family. We love them so much, we accidentally made them fat! They love to eat and anything they would find that's exactly what they would do! We knew they were gaining weight and we tried lots of different foid brands without success. I always noticed the Freshpet cold case on the petfood aisle at our local grocery store. I never bought it because I thought it was prescription food or just too expensive. One Sunday I went shopping and they were out of the stuff I used to buy. These dogs have had teeth removed and also sensitive stomachs, and I kept looking at the cold case and wondering what was in it. I pulled a package out and started label reading and boy was I impressed! A lady walked by me and remarked that she used Freshpet for her dogs too! She told me her story and I decided quickly hid, that we had to try this food! So I brought home a bag of Chicken Recipe. We started the changeover immediately and they adored this food! I was a very 😊 Doxie mama at this point and the good part hadn't even begun unbeknownst to me! The first thing I noticed was the excitement I heard and saw from them, if they heard the bag crackle. After totally switching to Freshpet it became obvious, This was the one! No more puking, or runny poo! Then I noticed a slim silhouette taking shape! These little old dogs have reversed time and turned into puppies! They're running and chasing each other around like pups ... Dixie no longer had a big round belly that touched the floor and she could go off and on the porch again! She's lost 5lbs thanks to her Freshpet upgrade! She still has another 5 lbs to go, but she's eagerly awaiting her bowl to be filled up for seconds! Roxie has her own story to tell as well, but for now let's just say, these are very happy customers! Thanks Freshpet!

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