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Letter #3598

I got Teddie two years ago. When I got her she was eight weeks old. She’s already been on a long adventure. I got her from Iowa, she came a plane. They went from Iowa to Dallas to Louisville. She weighed 2 pounds. She came with a prescription diet and when she came I started looking for dog food for her, she wouldn’t eat anything. I’ve been trying for two years to get her to eat something; she would not eat anything. I can’t tell you the amount of money I’ve spent trying to get her to eat anything. Everything just went in the garbage and the vet even put her on appetite stimulants to get her to eat. She wanted nothing to do with it, and then One day I was in the grocery store and I saw Freshpet, so I picked it up and I thought I’d give it a try. It was Freshpet select chicken with no grain potato and spinach. I brought it home I cut some up and put it on the plate. I put the rest back in the refrigerator, looked around, and it was gone! You can imagine what I was thinking -- I cut her up some more I watched her she loves it. The battle has been won, my dog has been saved! Thank you Freshpet you are nothing but good words for me from now on I will tell everybody about you all.

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