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Mr. Pookie’s Story

My 10 year old dachshund, Mr. Pookie was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. He was so very sick he could not hold anything down but water. He would not eat anything. After about 2 weeks he finally began to get his appetite back. The vet suggested a diet with lower fat. I tried a major brand food but he did not like it. I wanted a food that was healthy, easily digestible and that he would eat. While shopping I saw your brand in a refrigerator. So I bought Freshpet Select . Your Home Cooked Chicken Recipe appealed to me because chicken is easier on his pancreas and stomach. I gave him a small amount and he loved it. And he kept it down. I cannot thank you enough. Your food is great for his sensitive stomach. While he still has a long road to recovery, he is now off to a great start thanks to Freshpet. Sincerely Vicki H. Pine Bluff, AR

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You saved my cat's life with Vital CM. Thank you for everything you do!
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