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Brady’s Story

Brady is our ~8 year old sheltie who we adopted from the Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue in October 2012. He is such a sweet, mellow guy, but he also knows how to get exactly what he wants! Last year, Brady wasn't acting quite like himself, and my dad, who is a veterinarian, ran a bunch of tests to try to figure out the problem. At one point, Brady stopped eating too and lost quite a bit of weight. We tried giving him everything to get him to eat from mixing cooked chicken breasts to lunch meat to shredded cheese in his food, but it wasn't until we gave him Freshpet at the recommendation of my dad that he started eating again. As soon as he tried Freshpet, his appetite came back with a vengeance! Now, after being diagnosed and treated for a form of diabetes, and continuing to eat Freshpet daily, Brady is doing so much better than he has in over a year! Not only is he his sweet, mellow self, but he has his spunk back. He is back to a healthy weight, and he will demand his Freshpet everyday, twice a day for breakfast and dinner.

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