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Letter #70

Daisy Mae went through a rough intestinal surgery after swallowing a sewing needle. Post surgery it was a challenge to get her to eat anything. But then we found Freshpet. Since Daisy's surgery 3 years ago I feed her fresh pet about once a month as a treat! She get so exited when she see's the package she howls and barks and jumps around the kitchen with joy. This Christmas she came with us to travel to my fathers for the holiday. He decided to follow tradition and cook biscuits and gravy. Unfamiliar with my fathers house I hear her barking! I come out of the room to realize she thought the sausage was Freshpet and she was going crazy trying to convince my dad to share some with her. We all got a good laugh and of cause miss Daisy Mae was rewarded with Freshpet when she got home from our travels. Thank you for my dogs absolute favorite dog food!

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