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Honey’s Story

Dear Freshpet, I adopted Honey at the age of 13. At that time she only had 2 molars & her tongue hanged down with no jaw to hold it in. Today at 21 she now only has one molar & her tongue still hangs down. And if it wasn't for "Freshpet select slice & serve roll" she would not be able to eat each day. The "Grain Free chicken recipe" is her favorite & all I have to do is slice off about A 1/2 inch piece and cut it into cubes. I then lay it on her "special place" and she picks up each piece with her tongue. It may take her awhile, but she does it. I don't know how many more years I'll have with her, but "Freshpet" helps make each day even more special. She is the "Queen" just ask TJ, Benji, & Roxie. We all "thank you" for such a great product! Vicki F.

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