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Letter #2030

My dog and I love Freshpet refrigerated tubes, including all varieties! This is the first wet dog food I have found to be closest to homemade freshness and nutrition! It actually looks and smells good. My dog, Brady, dances when I am preparing it for him and enthusiastically barks for joy when I ask him to sit and speak to get his dinner. He licks his bowl till it's shiny clean. I used to buy canned food that looked and smelled gross and was worried that something harmful was in it. Often, my dogs would sniff it and not even eat it. I am very confident that I am feeding Brady something nutritious and beneficial to his health when I give Freshpet to him. I no longer feel I need to cook homemade meals for him. Thank you so much for creating this product! I am telling all my friends with dogs about it and posting it on Facebook. Thank you for caring enough about dogs to put quality ingredients in your food!

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Letter #1474
“My dog loves your food. My caat now gets your cat food too! Thanks!”
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Jessica Smith
“When I rescued Reggie he was four pounds fully grown. He was so sad and sickly. My boss had suggested Freshpet. I liked the idea of giving him something fresh and not that gross stuff from a can. I try to eat (…)”
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Letter #1050
“Thank you for all you do! My dogs and I are very happy with Freshpet Select.”
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Letter #1147
“Thank you for making my life easier! I am a Wildlife Rehabber and I raise infant (bottle babies) to juvenile raccoons. It can be very difficult to transition young raccoons from bottle to solid food. I used to cook fresh food every (…)”
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Letter #1409
“Thank you for making a great, refrigeratored single serve product for cats!”
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Letter #1911
“My cat, Jasper, ate some flowers that I received as a gift from a friend after my performance in a musical. What my fiance and I didn't realize is that the flowers he ate were toxic, and he started throwing up. It (…)”
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