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Letter #2029

My 8 year old Cockapoo, Lola, has been a food diva since she was a pup. She had to be hand fed dog food to get her to eat. I spent hundreds of dollars over the years on every type of dog food: human grade, gourmet, organic, grain free, fish, raw, home cooked; you name it we have tried it. I just happened to see the Vital product at the store and took a chance on yet another hopeful food solution. I sliced up the log, put it on a plate, and presto, she ate it all by herself off the plate. Thinking it was a fluke, I tried again the next day, and then the next. For 4 months straight since purchasing Vital, Lola has been eating all her food, all by herself! And she really loves it. Normalcy has been bestowed on my dog, and I am so incredibly grateful. I am not sure what you all do to the food or DON'T do at FreshPet, as the case maybe with the processing of the majority of dog food today, but to us, it is pure edible magic! Thank you!

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