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BonBon’s Story

I adopted BonBon when he was 4 years old. The shelter told me his previous owner was feeding him bad quality food and he was chubby. The shelter gave me some dried food for him to eat, which he refused. I tried all kind of dog food; dry; canned; and even cooked for him. All he would do is watch me eat my food and beg. For years, I tried everything I coukd think of. He was known among friends and family to be the pickiest! He would only eat whatever i ate and when i cooked him chicken breast. I was worried he was not getting required nutrients. His skin became flakey, his fur was dull, and he was chubby. Then i foundufffdufffdFreshpet at my grocery store. I bought some for my pup to try and he LOVED it!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Now, years later, he's active, fit, with the most luxurious coat and healthy teeth. At 12, my dog is finally happy and healthy. Thank you!!!

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Letter #1889
“We can across your product when shopping around for a healthier food for our diabetic cat. It has made a world of difference in both our cats overall health and happiness. I wanted to thank you and I (…)”
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chico’s Story
“I have a 1yr old Chihuahua who cant sit still when Iufffdm preparing his breakfast. he runs around the living room and back into the kitchen so excited. I love giving him freshpet because he loves it and his fur looks so (…)”
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Letter #1495
“He loves this! He wasn't eating the vet brand. My dog is in love with Freshpet Select!”
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King’s Story
“My dog was having continual digestive issues (diarrhea and loss of appetite). We had him at the vet every two months for about a year, where they just kept giving him anti-parasitics despite the fact that he wasn't testing positive for parasites. (…)”
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Letter #1583
“My mom's chihuahua is a very picky eater. I saw your commercials on TV, saw the cold case at Walmart and bought her the 1lb package. She LOVES it!! In fact, she won't eat any other dog food now. Thanks (…)”
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Letter #1302
“My german shepherds love Freshpet Select. They go through the 6 lb rolls like crazy.”
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