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Charlie and Dixie’s Story

My two fur babies Dixie and Charlie were so picky and wouldn't eat. They would go a day or 2 without eating, even though they were hungry. We had to add roast chicken to entice them, but they would leave the food in the bowl. I have tried every food ever made and no luck. Always worried they weren't getting the right nutrition. I saw a new Freshpet recipe in Walmart and tried it. They absolutely love the Freshpet Homestyle with the eggs and cranberries. Both gobble it up.

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“My rescue dog loves Freshpet food. It's the only thing he will eat!”
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“Hello Freshpet! Many thanks for this product you provide to our fur babies. We have 11 month old miniature schnauzers that are litter mates ( brother and sister). We have had them since they were 9 weeks old. The boy had chronic (…)”
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Letter #2027
“My 10 year old Chihuahua was overweight, but went from 17 lbs to 10 lbs using Freshpet for 6 months. He doesn't get hungry with this; I am glad about it.”
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