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Sadie and Leia’s Story

Hello I cant help but write you my story about my two boxers. Last month my older dog Sadie who's 11 years old was diagnosed with a mass in her lungs meaning cancer. I was devastated but kept searching for the what to do next I decided to give your brand a try since everything I was reading said to put her on a protein diet! Low and behold she's been on it a month and a half now and she's a changed dog! She used to not get up off couch in the morning now she's up before me and ready to out! Playing with her toys again! Following me to bathroom like she used to. The past few years she's been going to water bowl and chugging with unquenchable thirst. Its has stopped! she drinks normally I cant get over it! The change in her is overwhelming noticeable. I wish I had known sooner about this food! And thats my older dog. My younger boxer Leia has never wanted to eat in the morning causing her to throw up bile I would mix wet food with dry and she would still turn her nose up at it until she was absolutely starving enough to eat it. I started giving her Freshpet along with Sadie cuz I cant give one some without giving the other and wow wouldn't you know she eats her food right away every morning! She loves it! I haven't had any issues with my dogs since we started this food! So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for caring about dogs the way their owners care for them! I don't know how long I have left with my Sadie but thank you for giving her quality of life back for what time she has left! I told my parents about it and now they give it to their 3 maltese dogs and has helped the one that had stomach issues as well they are also so happy about it! Will keep spreading the word! Can't thank you enough for giving both my babies something nutritious to eat!

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