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Letter #3414

My 13 year old golden retriever mix loved Freshpet Chicken! During the summer we learned that she had some early kidney changes happening. No big deal, common for a dog her age. Changed her food to a kidney diet. I work at a vet clinic so I am very lucky to have supportive co-workers. A month ago things got more serious. Over a weekend she was not wanting to eat much and her energy was down. I brought her to work that Monday and had a vet look at her. We did an ultrasound and unfortunately found a mass on her spleen. The next day she had the mass and spleen removed. We sent that off for a histopathology. The results came back that the mass was cancer. My heart broke. Off to an oncologist we go. They said nothing had spread but we were told without chemo Lilly would have 1-3 months to live. So we started chemo. She has done great with it! I bought a bag of Freshpet Chicken because she was getting very picky again. Wow! She loves it so much mixed with her kidney diet! It has been a savior! Thank you for making this awesome product. We are remaining positive that Lilly will enjoy many bags of it! #SuperLilly

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