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Solo’s Story

Dear Freshpet, My beloved Border Collie Solo was diagnosed with kidney failure in September of 2012, My vet had tears in her eyes when she told me he had about eight weeks to live. "Take him home, give him fluids, love him up, and spoil him rotten," she said. I started in on fluids. They seemed to help, but they made him really depressed--he hated the treatments. His appetite began to drop off--the first real warning that the end was near. I cooked for him, but it didn't seem to help--most of the rich food went right through him. I happened to be grocery shopping one afternoon, and passed the Freshpet fridge. I read the label, thought "what the heck," and bought a roll. That night be gobbled it down and--amazingly--seemed to be a little bit like his old self. He actually went outside and barked at squirrels. It was a small miracle. I put together a bucket list for him--the best item on the list was renting sheep for him to herd. And he was great at it! He made it past the eight weeks--and past another eight weeks--and another--you get the idea. But then in August of 2013, he was diagnosed with liver problems. Vet gave him--you guessed it--eight weeks. I kept feeding Freshpet, and again, he didn't seem to have gotten the memo. He kept living--and living well. He had his first trip to the ocean and played joyously in the surf In the winter of 2014, he had his first major stroke. He couldn't walk properly on his right side, but he hated being carried outside to poop and piddle. I discovered him leaning against the wall, making his own way outside. He even managed to force himself through the dog door.. Finally, in Spring of 2015, he had another stroke. Everything seemed to fail at once, and he let me know that it was time for me to let go. I cannot prove that Freshpet gave me those extra years with him--and gave him extra years of digging up the yard, chasing squirrels, and barking at the local deer. But I know that once he started on it, he seemed to be stronger, healthier and happier--and he proved three very competent veterinarians wrong about his life span. Thank you, Freshlpet, for giving me so much precious time with my wonderful little man. Darby L.

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