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Tick’s Story

Tick is a rescue out of a busted puppy mill in Kentucky and ended up in a humane society in Wisconsin. I adopted a little wreck and sad little dog. He is a rottweiler blue tick hound mix and on his next month visit after his adoption to the vet, the vet couldn't believe he was the same dog he was so much better. He was always a nice looking dog, but just ordinary to everyone but me. Then I started him on Freshpet a year ago, when he started to get stomach issues with age. He loved it and kept it down but what it has done to his looks is remarkable. I get what a beautiful dog comments from people. It's his fur coat! It shines and has highlights and glistens. He sheds less and never smells doggy. I brush him occasionally and only in winter does he go to the groomer for a bath about twice, then once a month I bathe him in the summer, so it's not that I spend a lot of time grooming. It is what he eats. He likes the chicken, beef rolls and the chopped meals. Tick is ten now, runs and looks like a young dog and I think it's due to Freshpet. Thank you!

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