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Letter #2277

My Boston terrier got into raisins and almost died. He was in the vet hospital for two weeks and didn't eat anything at all for ten days and then was syringe fed critical care food. She totally lost her appetite. My vet wanted her on wet food only. I tried so many brands, and had to syringe feed her. I saw Freshpet Select at the grocery store and bought it after reading the ingredients. I cut off a slice and put it in a bowel next to a five star wet food. She ate every bit of the Freshpet Select, picking around the other food. My husband and I couldn't believe it, she had finally eaten on her own!!!!! I'm so happy to say she ate another slice this morning. I'm even more happy when I looked it up on dog food advisor and found it is a five star food. Thank you so much for this food. You have probably saved my dogs life.

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Letter #1317
“My fussy dog named Rosie ate everything. I am thrilled. ”
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Letter #1441
“My Shih Tzo loves Freshpet Select Roasted Meals. He never ate dog food before trying this!”
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Great for dogs with allergies!
“Goldens are susceptible to food allergies and since I have been given my golden this product she no longer itches her ears. She has not had one ear infection and I'd like to thank Freshpet for creating a great product for her!”
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Letter #1719
“My very picky Rottweiler LOVES your product!!! We have tried so many different kinds of food with her over the past two and half years and your product is the ONLY food she will eat now. ”
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Letter #2049
“My 16 year old dog with no teeth can eat Freshpet product with no help and loves it!”
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Letter #1565
“Thanks for making this great product.”
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