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Artemis’s Story

My cat, Artemis, goes crazy every I pull the bag out of the fridge. She knows exactly what's inside and runs around, jumps on me, and meows louder than at any other point. I know she's excited for the Fresh Pet because she doesn't do this for any of the other food I feed her. I switched her to this food because she was sick to her stomach for months and the vet didn't have any idea what was wrong. We gave her prescription dry food and it didn't make any difference. I had bought her Freshpet food in the past and she seemed to like it with no digestive issues so I thought I would try it again. Well it worked, she's losing weight and she has no issues digesting or passing this food. I'm super happy with it and would suggest everyone give their cats a moist food like this for Kidney health reasons. Thank you Fresh Pet!

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