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Letter #2204

I have a Siamese who has all his life struggled with digestive problems. He had been unable to maintain weight, too skinny, even after worming and checking for other health issues. He was given a clean bill of health, but we could not get him up past 4 pounds. Even tried home made foods, that was a complete failure. I asked my vet if putting him down was in his best interest. She said that she wanted me to try one last thing. I really didnt want to, but she said to give this new food a month, then if he had not gained weight by then, we would put him down. 30 days later he had gained 2 pounds, his fur no longer fell out in clumps and is growing in sleek and shiny. Best of all is that my baby is finally acting like a cat, playing with the toys getting into everything and generally being Mr. Personality again. I tell EVERYONE I see on the pet food isle about your product and that it literally saved my cats life. The improvement in his health is like night and day. I just wish more places carried your cat products. I see the dog product all over, but only one place in our city carries the cat product and now i am having problems getting it there because so many people use it. Sincerely, Wendy R

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