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Letter #1942

My 11 year old Pomeranian loves your food. He has been eating Vital Beef and Bison for a month now and the changes in my boy are unbelievable. He has had massive colitis since we rescued him. My vet recommended Iams for sensitive stomach but he still had massive diareaha and was on metronidazole every other week. I knew he didn't feel good most of the time because colitis is extremely painful. But a miracle happened. My daughter told me about Freshpet Vital with no grains and then I saw your commercial on TV. He hasn't been on the medicine since ea ting Freshpet AND he has become a loving little guy who just LOVES to be spoiled. I am positively THRILLED that there is such a wonderful food for our beloved furry babies! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know if he could talk, Dusty would say thank you too!

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