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Gus’s Story

This food literally saved my cat's life. My cat was diagnosed with diabetes about 1 year ago. After his diagnoses we tried every kind of food we could from prescription diets to every kind of dry cat food available trying to help control his blood glucose. We found that wet cat food did a better job of keeping his sugar down but after eating any wet food twice he would snub it but even then his sugar would be far too high. After a year of going through this he had lost so much weight, he was in constant pain and his blood sugar was always high. It was getting time that we were going to put him down because nothing was helping and he had constant diarrhea. Luckily before we decided to let him go we finally found a store that carried this food. We have been feeding him this for almost a month now and the difference is AMAZING. His bowel movements are almost solid, his sugar has been over 200 points lower on average, he's putting on weight and even his neuropathy has been improving.

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