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Sassy’s Story

My Sassy has immune mediated meningitis (which caused her blindness) and is on immune suppressing medication. One of the side affects of the meds she is on is poor coat condition/growth. I began feeding her Freshpet Select chic & rice rolled food 1 year ago. After about 4 months,her coat was amazing despite the meds she was taking. Thick, fluffy, soft and shiny! And her skin that was slightly dry and flakey,was in perfect condition! And the BEST part... she ate Science Diet C/D previously due to crystals in her urine and even though she ate the "prescription diet", she still had crystals present. I just checked her urine after a year on Freshpet... NO CRYSTALS!!! So needless to say I am very pleased with this food and even more pleased about the dry kibble. Sassy goes every where with me (including work, I'm a vet tech in an emergency animal Hosp) so I need to be able to carry food in my bag for her that does not require refrigeration. THANK U FRESHPET!!!!

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