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Letter #68

I have 2 beautiful female German Shepherds they are my babies and we (my son and I) rescued them both, one of them was on the streets for 5 months, (she would eat and eat grass and wanted our salad too!), the other one was abused very badly to where we had to take her to have surgery on her paw from being thrown against a barb wire fence every day till her owner was reported and we got her at 4 months. We have had them eating Freshpet for the last year and a half and they both are doing so well.... Charley hardly eats grass or salad anymore, and Biggy is strong and beautiful. They are so loyal and happy, every morning they sit patiently while I chop up their roll, which are conveniently measured on the roll. They never get sick anymore like they did at first. they also digest well. Talk about playing and running. I wouldn't feed them anything else. I have told my sisters I have 7 and they all have dogs! You should put coupons or put it in the flyers people look at before shopping, cause we do! Sincerely, a very pleased dog owner!

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