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Zoe’s Story

As the handler to a seizure alert dog, I have a deep appreciation for the importance of keeping my dog healthy. "Zoe" can be a picky eater, and sometimes skipped her morning kibble, leaving her hungry during a long day of work. Enter Freshpet, and our problem was solved! These days, a bowl licked clean is a common sight during mornings at our house. I appreciate that Freshpet is safe, nutritious, and will contribute to her lifelong health, while Zoe just loves the delicious taste! Even the price is manageable when compared to the wasted kibble and hungry dog. My only critique is that I wish the Vital formula was a bit less expensive; I was forced to switched from a grain-free kibble to the regular Freshpet formula, due to the very high price of the grain free food. While the exotic ingredients in Vital are interesting, I would be very excited to see a less expensive grain-free formula made with beef, chicken, or other inexpensive proteins.

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