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FS helped my dog with her allergies. She no longer scratches her skin.

I want to thank you so much for coming out with an affordable healthy solution for pet food. My 8 year old hybrid teddy bear was recently poisoned by what I thought was a healthy dog food, Butchers Select. With the fast act of our Vet, we were able to save her. She has severe food allergies and we found Freshpet. She no longer scratches her skin to death, vomits, or whines from being uncomfortable. She has more energy, her coat is soft and no longer has the red coloring around her toes or eyes. THANK YOU THANK YOU for giving us our LILY BACK!

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“Your food helped to keep my cat healthy.”
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“My Italian Greyhound is healthier looking. I feel good feeding him Freshpet Select.”
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“I'm probably one of your first customers. My dog loves your product!!! I have recommended Freshpet to my friends and complained to stores that did not carry it.”
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“My kitties love Freshpet Select Roasted meals. ”
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Lola and Zoe love FFTK. Nutritious and healthy for them. Thank you.
“Lola and Zoe, our doxies, love Freshpet From the Kitchen. When they hear us take the bag out of the fridge they come running! It feels good to know that we are giving them nutritious food that is healthy for them. (…)”
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“Thank you for making my life easier! I am a Wildlife Rehabber and I raise infant (bottle babies) to juvenile raccoons. It can be very difficult to transition young raccoons from bottle to solid food. I used to cook fresh food every (…)”
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