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Dognation Chicken treats are great for training! Love that it is real meat.

I recently brought a bag of your Dognation Chicken Formula treats for my 4 year old Lab Ted. Ted and I compete in Obedience Trials so I need a "high currency" when training a new exercise. Well boy have I found it in these treats! Ted is very food motivated and a type "A" personality so I have to remain focused when training him as not to get him too excited or all his focus goes out the window. And this happens with these treats. Which is a good thing. When teaching new behaviors if the reward is high he tries even harder, but I must use them intermittently with less desirable treats so Ted doesn't get so excited that he no longer listens as he is to focused on your treats. I take the treat and cut it into four pieces to last longer and to save on calories. I belong to the Princeton Dog Training Club who have competed in this years Westminster Dog Show this year, so between my fantastic Instructors and your Treats who knows where Ted and I can go! Thanks for making a quality treat. So nice to find a treat where the first ingredient is chicken and the rest of the ingredients I can pronounce and know what they are. Thanks again! Team Ted

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