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La!’s Story

Within two days of me feeding my dog this food he started to look healthier. He's a rescue mutt and his coat has always been in bad shape. I don't know how old he is but he seemed on the older side (over 8). Within a week he was running around like a puppy, a month and his coat is glossy and he's stopped shedding. I had been giving him a mix of canned and dry food together, all brand name stuff. He had digestive problems and often looked glum. Now three years later I realize he must have been much younger (maybe 2) he looks like a young dog still, has no health problems and always looks happy. Basically it boils down to this....even if it's not about quality of life (which it should be) spend the money on their food or on vet bills, and the later is a lot more expensive. I chop it into slices about 1/2 think and decant 4 slices at a time into Glad round containers that are exactly the right shape and size, then chop lengthways into cubes when I feed him.

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