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Belle’s Story

My Belle is 13-14 years old, she is a rescue so not exactly sure. Belle is a terrier mix that is a wonderful/loyal dog. She has been eating the same kibble with some canned for years. Belle became ill, constant vomiting, weight loss, hair loss, lethargy. We took her to the vet many times, x-rays, lab work, and everything appeared normal. I thought this was the beginning of the long goodbye. When she refused to eat I made her chicken and rice, she would eat small amounts but not enough to sustain or nourish her. I bought some Freshpet to put on top to see if that would help. Belle ate the Freshpet and left the homemade. That was the turning point. I began to feed her Freshpet and I have my old dog back. Belle is eating well, no more vomiting, she has energy, her personality is restored, she wants to walk again. If I had not lived this myself, I am not sure I would believe it if someone told me. Freshpet saved my dog!! Thank you!

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