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Trooper’s Story

Our Trooper is a great example of the benefits of a healthy diet. He is a survivor of Parvo and Distemper (at the same time!) when he was just about 10 weeks old. His caregiver and doctors at the time did an outstanding job in just helping him survive these terrible viral infections, but they did take their toll. When we adopted him at 7 months he had significant neurological issues, was weak and somewhat lethargic, couldn't walk very well and couldn't even sit up by himself. While he did have a pretty good appetite (he is a Lab by the way) he did suffer from periodic intestinal distress and was taking quite a few medications. With a steady diet of FreshPet (which he loves), physical/emotional strengthening and love, Trooper just had his second birthday and has made drastic improvements. He no longer needs to take any medications, has gained a lot of weight and strength, loves to run and play with his dog and cat friends, and is pretty much just a "regular" Lab. While the neurological and some developmental effects from the diseases will never go away, he has managed to overcome them and has truly thrived. Thanks in part to your great dog foods, Trooper is a very happy and healthy boy!

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