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Chloe’s Story

I'm giving Freshpet credit for saving my sweet Chloe's life. She's a 12 year old Shih Tzu who became lethargic, started throwing up after meals and eventually quit eating altogether. The vet diagnosed her as having pancreatitis and prescribed prescription dog food and several different medications. But, she still refused to eat. I finally began mixing baby food, canned pumpkin and chicken broth together and feeding her four times a day with a syringe. Still, she continued to decline. The vet said her liver was now involved and Chloe probably had only a few weeks left. The vet canceled the medication and sent us home with 'End of Life' information--I was heartbroken! That night I saw an ad for Freshpet on TV. I googled it and read many of the great testimonials from pet owners. Some described the same issues Chloe was experiencing, so I headed to the grocery store, bought some Freshpet...and surprise, surprise, she gobbled it down! Her health has improved dramatically, she's gained some weight back and is as energetic as a puppy. Thank you Freshpet--for saving Chloe's life!!!

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RJ & Madison love FS rolls. Their tags wag like crazy. Helps their tummies.
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