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Pekoe’s Story

Our 13.5-year-old Bichon (his name is Pekoe) developed kidney disease which was being measured by his creatinine. Our vet said that the protein in his current food (that he had been on for years) was too high and recommended a low-protein food. We were working on transitioning him to that food when Pekoe decided to stop eating entirely. We immediately brought him to our vet who told us that his number had got much worse and he needed to be admitted to the local animal hospital. 5 days in the ICU and he had significantly recovered (but not great) and they sent him home with a low protein food that they said he was eating. At our house, he wouldn’t touch it. After 3 days of totally not eating, we enticed him with a hamburger which he ate, but our vet said that was the worst thing for his kidneys. We were concerned we were going to lose our dog when a friend recommend Freshpet. We selected Multi-Protein which Pekoe loves and our vet blessed. Two weeks later, we brought Pekoe in for a blood test and our vet came out to our car (covid protocol) and declared “your dog is killing me”. All of his numbers, including his creatinine, had returned to the normal range. The only change we made was the food. Pekoe, now at 14, is acting like a puppy and as far as we are concerned, Freshpet saved his life. Jerry & Nina Lane

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