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Sophie’s Story

Dear Fresh Pet, Sophie is a 6 1/2-year-old King Charles Cavalier. Sophie was a sweet little girl who was my Aunt Betty's full-time companion. Aunt Betty is blind and deaf and relied on Sophie for companionship. Aunt Betty was unable to live alone any longer and my husband and I took Sophie in with the intent of visiting Aunt Betty weekly. Shortly after adopting Sophie, we took her to our vet for a teeth cleaning and found during pre-surgery blood work that she was in severe renal failure. My husband cooked chicken, eggs, pancakes, and rice to get her to eat. We fed her cheese and treats and she still wouldn't eat. We were told she had enough "time" to visit my aunt and would need to be put down soon. I remembered hearing the Freshpet commercials where pet parents shared their stories that only Freshpet saved their pet's life. I stopped that night to get Sophie Freshpet Vital pet food. She loved it! Freshpet has brought Sophie back to life. She is able to visit Aunt Betty weekly and is back to a healthy pup. Thank you Freshpet for giving us Sophie back and allowing her to be Aunt Betty's favorite weekly visitor. Your special recipe has been a miracle to Sophie and her family.

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