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Parker’s Story

Dear Freshpet, We are true fans! Parker loves it - and, not sure if anyone has mentioned this, and I don’t mean to be crude, but the first thing I noticed was his poo doesn’t smell so bad anymore. Truly an important quality for those early morning walkies! 😷🥳😷. At least for me! And he will be 16 next month! We’ve had him for about 5 years, he came to us from a friend who lives in a condo with a LOT of stairs and he was unable to get around due to his arthritis. He wasn’t the happiest puppy at the time... The first thing my husband did was spend countless hours researching the best food we could find for him and you won!!! The fact that his poo just smelled healthier really got my attention after having to learn to hold my breath while picking it up! And I don’t even have to do that now! His previous diet was the most expensive canned food in our area (like $7.00) and dry kibble and it smelled terrible enough right out of the can to make me gag! And all of this poo talk is not even the most important thing! In the last few years we have recommended Freshpet and shared it with other people’s doggies when they are are having a hard time getting their older and more infirm doggies to eat. Like, they are panicking and afraid their little ones are going to die soon! We give them some of what we have on hand and it’s like magic! Their puppies actually eat it enthusiastically! Their puppies health returns quickly! My favourite story is a neighbour who was really afraid her doggie was going to die soon, back in November, wasn’t eating, lethargic, and had been diagnosed with cancer...Of course, every time I talk to other dog people out on our walkies I would pitch Freshpet! Yeah, it’s kinda expensive, but so worth it! Next time we’d meet they’d ask us “What was that stuff you were telling me about?” And so we gave them some and their doggies would eat it up, be happy, their energy they are healthier, happier than they have been in a long time! So Thank You Freshpet People!!! Now, if you could just figure out a product that would help clean their teeth and prevent gum disease! Toothbrushing is probably the hardest thing to get doggies into, especially when they’re older...and the vet bills and risk for the surgery to help them, well, you know... Truly the most important thing I want to thank you for is helping all our little puppy friends survive and live well and delaying our loss of them, especially in the COVID times...I’m not sure their people would survive without them! You do great work! Hope you are all well, safe and happy! And Thank You! For continuing to go to work and turn out an excellent product!

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