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Bailey R's

Hi Freshpet My little Chihuahua poncho is a rescue dog. He has never had dog food since I’ve had him for like five years. All his food has been table food and I gave him all different kinds of dog food and he would not eat. He went four days without eating and then my sister-in-law bought some Freshpet and said here try this! I started feeding him this I couldn’t believe he ate it - yes this is the first dog food since I’ve had my baby that he has eaten. Now all I buy is Freshpet! I’ve seen a difference when he goes to potty and I’m so happy because before when he went to potty it was never solid it was always runny - and now my baby is doing wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to find something for our four-legged babies to keep them healthy. I am so grateful - thank you is not enough! But really it’s all I can say - your company is the best and from my heart all I can say is thank you ♥️