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We are a rescue group in Houston, Texas. This is one of our most recent rescues. She is lucky, and has a wonderful foster dad, who is more than willing to hand feed her for the next 12 weeks. Guess what she prefers - yep! Freshpet! Meet Odessa. She was found in a small town in West Texas with a gunshot wound to her face. She's just a puppy. The bullet went through her face perforating her nasal cavity, palate, breaking teeth, bones and dislocating her jaw. She has undergone surgery to reconstruct her jaw at Texas A&M and will be doing her recovery right here at The Rodriguez Inn for the next 12 weeks, or until she's ready for adoption. She has an external fixator. I will be hand feeding her and using a bottle for her to drink water. She loves her Freshpet cut in little cubes. It is soft enough that she doesn't have to exert herself chewing and swallows it right away. She drank some water and took all her meds. Now she is passed out asleep on my lap.