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Odessa’s Story

We are a rescue group in Houston, Texas. This is one of our most recent rescues. She is lucky, and has a wonderful foster dad, who is more than willing to hand feed her for the next 12 weeks. Guess what she prefers - yep! Freshpet! Meet Odessa. She was found in a small town in West Texas with a gunshot wound to her face. She's just a puppy. The bullet went through her face perforating her nasal cavity, palate, breaking teeth, bones and dislocating her jaw. She has undergone surgery to reconstruct her jaw at Texas A&M and will be doing her recovery right here at The Rodriguez Inn for the next 12 weeks, or until she's ready for adoption. She has an external fixator. I will be hand feeding her and using a bottle for her to drink water. She loves her Freshpet cut in little cubes. It is soft enough that she doesn't have to exert herself chewing and swallows it right away. She drank some water and took all her meds. Now she is passed out asleep on my lap.

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Letter #2221
“Your food saved our old man. We have a pom/chi named Scooter who was raised on Blue Buffalo. Scooter began to loos his teeth a couple of years ago. During that time he found it hard for him to eat hard food (…)”
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Olive’s Story
“I've never seen Olive go crazier over a treat. It's so great because she can lick and lick and enjoy for a lot longer than most other treats. Highly recommend it!”
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Letter #1419
“My two puppy mill kids, now 8 and 13, have really thrived since giving them Freshpet. I make very sure I budget to buy this as opposed to buying the top of the line speciality cans (which I had to throw (…)”
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Letter #2127
“I have three small dogs. One is old and she has a very sensitive stomach. She can't eat very many types of food (also she has no teeth). One is a pig and eats everything and gets sick because of (…)”
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Nala’s Story
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Hope’s Story
“Dear Freshpet, We just started our pug, Hope, on Freshpet. She absolutely loves it! And it is helping her lose weight and giving her more energy . Thank you!”
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