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Harper’s Story

Dear Freshpet, Our family took in Harper when she was 8 months old. We got her from someone who didn't have the time or resources to take care of her anymore, and we didn't know much about her backstory. After a few days, we noticed that she had a lot of problems with her stomach and keeping her food down. She was always hungry and not very picky about what she ate, but she would constantly throw her meals back up; sometimes this would happen 4-5 times a day. We've had Harper for a little over a year now. Our family has tried multiple brands of dog food before Freshpet, ranging from generic brands all the way up to expensive prescription dog food. Nothing seemed to solve the problem completely. The best result we saw was paying ridiculously high prices for a canned food that helped, but Harper would still throw up at least once a day while we were feeding it to her. When we switched Harper to Freshpet Sensitive Stomach recipes about a month ago, she was able to keep her food down consistently for the first time. We didn't have to deal with coming home from school or work and finding puke to clean up anymore. It was a huge relief to not have to worry as much about making sure she was getting the nutrients she needed. Perhaps best of all, we weren't overpaying for a food that wasn't working. Freshpet has made a huge difference in the quality of our lives, and most importantly Harper's life. Thank you, Freshpet. -The Wells Family

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