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Paco A's

To whom it may concern, I wanted to take the time out of my day to say thank you, thank you, thank you! My two fur-babies (Paco and Mia) absolutely love your food. Before finding you, I bought all different types of food for my two chihuahuas to try and they would just look at me like “yeah we’re not eating that mom.” I would sit on the ground and try handfeeding them. Then it would always end up with me making scrambled eggs for them or cooking chicken and broth just so they wouldn’t lose weight! It was very time consuming and frustrating to deal with every day. Then, one day in the grocery store I saw Freshpet and decided to give it a try and shockingly, they ate every single last bite! I did not have to sit on the ground and handfeed them or do anything that night, they just ate it! I was so pleased and excited I went back and bought all the different flavors for them to try and they have loved each and every one of them! My little girl, Mia, recently had to get teeth pulled and we had to stick to a soft diet. So, I mixed together some Freshpet and gravy and she absolutely loved it and ate it with no problems! I was not worried about her losing weight by not eating whatsoever. It is so convenient that I can just grab the bag from the fridge, pour some on a plate, and set it down for the dogs to eat. I don’t have to go through all the work of making chicken or eggs every night and sitting on the ground with my dogs for them to eat it. You have made my life so much easier and I am very thankful! I am also very grateful that Freshpet is reasonably priced. I have looked at other natural dog foods compared to this one and they are very overpriced, and while I love my dogs spending that much on food each week is unrealistic for me. So, thank you again for making great food at a great price. Sincerely, Megan H.