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Rory ('s

Rory is a retired racing greyhound, who will be 10 years old on Aug. 9th. Her registered name is Fuzzface Arizona.. Rory wasn't very successful in her racing career, participating in less than a dozen races. She is, however, the perfect pet. Rory has Freshpet for breakfast every morning. Although I listed a favorite flavor for her, she loves all the Freshpet flavors available at our local grocery store. I chop up 12 oz for her and she's usually whining at me as I'm doing so as if telling me "Hurry up Mom. I want my Freshpet NOW!" This is not the same reaction I get at dinner time when she gets dry kibble - even when I mix "people food" in with it. Rory really loves her Freshpet!! And she's not the only retired racer who gets Freshpet. Many of my friends among the greyhound community also feed their greys Freshpet. Thank you for providing a nutritious & delicious pet food for my girl. Sincerely, Lorraine & Rory