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Chiku’s Story

I have always had trouble getting my Havanese, Chiku, to eat his food. I have tried dry food, wet food, and a variety of meal toppers, but Chiku refused to eat his food no matter what. Chiku would go days without eating and started losing weight. This made me very worried and I wasn't sure what to do. When I went to our local grocery store to pick up a couple of things, I saw Freshpet. I'd heard of Freshpet before but didn't know much about it. After doing some research, I decided to give Freshpet a try. Chiku gobbled it down! He is now eating very well and loves his food. It has been less than a month since I started feeding him Freshpet but I have already seen so much improvement. Chiku has gained weight, his tear stains are going away, his coat is soft and fluffy again, and he has his puppy energy back. Chiku also has a very sensitive stomach, but he is able to digest his new food very well. Several of my friends are even switching their dogs to Freshpet after seeing my dog's changes. Thank you, Freshpet!

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Blacky loved Freshpet. It was good for his sick belly.
“I wanted to congratulate your company for such a good product you are putting out there. My baby "blacky" got sick to his stomach and and I had to take him to the vet. Our vet recommended that I feed him Freshpet (…)”
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“Your food is wonderful. After I lost my previous little dog to that horrible pet food recall, I would never buy anything that wasn't all natural with no byproducts. One day I came across your product so I bought the (…)”
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“My dog Elmo is 17 years old. He recently became so ill that he was having diarrhea with blood and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. I was advised to put him to sleep. I tried every canned food I could find, including Iams, (…)”
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Reggie’s Story
“Our cat had an anal gland rupture over a year ago. It was exactly as horrible as it sounds. He refused to eat and it took forever to heal. He was in and out of the vet as we struggled to find (…)”
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Letter #1772
“My newly adopted and very picky Chihuahua just loves your food, it is the only food Charles will eat!”
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