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Our dog, Rufus, is the fussiest eater you will ever meet! He doesn’t like ANY dog food at all. Ever. He prefers to eat people food, shoes, weeds, and toys, and his food sits in his bowl untouched until we throw it away. Since he loves chicken, I give him bites of ours to keep him going. We even tried putting pieces of kibble inside bites of chicken, but he would chew each bite and then spit out the kibble onto the floor! A friend said that Freshpet smells like chicken and her dog loves it. My plan was to cook our dinner and sneak bites of Freshpet into the real chicken, hoping he would be fooled and eat it. The first time I fed him he danced around the kitchen and ate every bite! The next day I couldn’t wait to try it again, but when he saw me take the Freshpet out of the fridge he started begging. Begging! For dog food!! I gave him a meal of Freshpet and our lives have all changed. He has his puppy energy back, his coat is soft and beautiful, and his weight is ideal again. THANK YOU, FRESHPET! Love, Rufus and his peeps