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My 13 year old cockapoo Bentley has always been a picky eater and under weight. I have tried dry food, wet food, the gravy additives, even hand feed him at times! Things would work for a while but then he would go back to his picky habits. He would go a couple of days without eating or would only eat once a day, even though food was available to him all day. I'd seen Freshpet in the pet stores and grocery market for awhile now but thought it was too expensive, after a closer look and comparing to the major brand I had been giving him (Sold in most vet offices), it really wasn't! Bentley now is on a regular feeding schedule and looks forward to his meals! It's only been about 30 days but I feel like he has put on weight, is happier and healthier. And I no longer worry about his eating habits! Thank you Freshpet!