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Moxie’s Story

We adopted Moxie from a rescue in Portland, Oregon called One Tail at a Time. She'd been found on the side of the road in Texas with her brother when she was 3 months old. After being in two shelters and one foster home, the local dog rescue transported her to Oregon and into another foster home. One week later, she was ours. She was terrified of everything, thought she was going to have to go live somewhere else again, and never wanted to eat anything. Seriously, I went to every extreme to find a food she'd eat- some things she'd refuse completely, most others she'd eat for a day or two and refuse. I started making her food at home, and that was great for a while, but I sometimes worried I wasn't getting her enough balanced nutrition. Enter Freshpet. It seriously has changed our life. She eats breakfast happily, and asks for dinner every evening. Tonight after daycare she ate two whole bowls! She is healthy and happy, knows she is loved, and has settled into a very happy life. We are so thankful for Freshpet! Thank you so much for such a great product!!

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