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Ratchet’s Story

Hi Hoomans! My name is Ratchet, my Momma calls me Ratchet-batchet (sometimes) . I have had road of ups and downs. First, my momma found me on the "clearance rack" of the local pet store. She says we rescued each other. She takes me home.. All is well for a while then I got the ouchies. I was tired all the time. and my eyesight wasn't so great got the cataracts. Momma taked me to the vets... they are pretty cool hoomans. they said I had the Lyme disease. I had no wants to eat or do anything. They gave me big pills. I taked them....momma gave them to me with the peanut butter. num num. I still no like to eat. Momma was worried. She got the hooman chicken. good stuffs. But she was worried I not get all the good stuffs in the food. I still just lay around. That Lyme stuffs takes it out of you. One day, Momma got me a buddy (she thought I may be bored) A little one. She was sooo small. Momma called her a chiweenie...that means little pup that takes my stuffs. Yep that is her. But I still no eat much. One day Momma brought me home some new foods. It looked like Bologna. She chopped it up like she does for the chicken. In my bowl and YUM YUM. Momma said if you eat it I will buy it. Now I eats it all the time. Momma also says I got all the energy, maybe too much.. I run around chasing my little sister, I jump on and off the couch. I tear down the curtains---I got no treat that day. I run and play. I still don't see so well; but Momma doesn't move the house around so all is good. I wanted to thank you for all the good num nums and my Momma tells all her hooman friends about the good stuff. Thank you Thank you I feel like me again. Ratchet aka ratchetbatchet aka ratchet beast.

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