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Rizzo’s Story

Rizzo is a female Schnauzer who will be 16 next month. About 4 years ago she was diagnosed with IBS and suffered terrible bouts with all of its symptoms. We had to cook all of her food which consisted mostly of chicken or fish and rice. Every now and again I could slip a vegetable in. There were countless injections and medications this poor girl had to take not to mention all the trips to the vet and emergency vet. Her skin and coat were an absolute mess due to the lack of nutrition she was getting. It was so heartbreaking watching her go downhill. She was a grey and black dog her whole life and on a grooming visit in September of 2018 they brought her in and she had turned all white. She had lost as much weight as she could afford to lose and then decided to stop eating. With her age I figured we were near the end. Then last March when this happened I found your products and thought well she might as well go happy. Quite the opposite happened. She started eating and putting on weight. I spoke with her vet about the results I was seeing. He put her on some medication for her skin and started weaning her off the meds for the IBS. We are going on almost a year of Freshpet and I am still in awe of what it's done for her. She is completely off all IBS meds and no longer has any belly issues. Her skin is all pink like a puppy and her coat (which has turned back to grey and black) has never been so shiny and soft. You have given me back my dog over the last year and I am so hopeful she is going to just keep going for while. She's energetic, plays and loves to be loved. On behalf of Rizzo thank you FreshPet for your wonderful product. I can't believe the results we have seen. I know you are helping many others but Rizzo and her family just want to say "Thanks"!!

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