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Bella’s Story

My 18 lb. mini poodle Bella was diagnosed with diabetes in August, 2018. A change in diet, combined with two insulin injections a day, kept her in reasonably good shape until recently. She is now completely blind and has great difficulty rising up from her resting position on the floor. Being a spirited little girl she continues to try her best and is happy to sleep and be around us. About a week ago she began to turn up her nose at her food, and it's been a struggle to get her to eat without resorting to every trick in the book. Fortunately I thought of Freshpet as a friend of mine serves that to her dogs to "flavor up" their food. I visited the company website, completed the brief "fact finder" survey, and discovered that there is a "Vital Balanced Nutrition" variety of Freshpet food that is appropriate for diabetic dogs. I purchased two 1 lb. logs at a local pet store, cut a small slice just to see if Bella would even go near it, and incredibly she ate the cut up slice in seconds. I then served her another slice and got the same result. Three days and six meals later, and it appears that Freshpet will continue to be the answer we were hoping to find.

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