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Brutus’s Story

Brutus came to us a year ago from a family member who wasn't taking care of him and who didn't want him anymore. At 9 years old he was malnourished, his coat was dry and his skin flaky and smelly. He also was suffering from the famous Boston Terrier gas! We were feeding him what was advertised as a quality premium canned food and, although he put on much needed weight, his stools were soft and sometimes runny, his coat was still dull, his skin still flaky and his gas problem seemed to be especially bad. We tried to switch his food several times but couldn't find anything he would eat until I brought home a Freshpet Select chicken roll. He loves it and will lick the bowl until it's spotless. He even licks around the rug his bowl sits on, cleaning up any crumbs. His coat is now soft, and shiny (no flakes!) and his skin no longer stinks. Even the vet commented on his beautiful coat when he was in for his annual check-up two weeks ago. His stools are now formed and solid and don't have that terrible odor they had before. But here is the best part -- NO MORE GAS!!!! I mean NO MORE! GONE! So, for all you Boston Terrier owners out there enduring the obnoxious gas problem they all seem to have, run, don't walk to get some of this food! Brutus just turned 10 years old and is healthy and happy. We don't give him any additional supplements as the food seems to be providing him everything he needs. The proof is in how healthy his coat and his digestive track are now! Thank you, Freshpet!

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