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Susan C's

Dear Freshpet, I have three wonderful dogs - Akilah (mini Schnauzer) 15 yrs old, Maiden (beagle) 10 yrs old, and Rogue (pittie) 9. I had seen your commercials and thought wow that's a great product. Akilah had lost her bounce in her step and Maiden has kidney issues. Rogue is our rescue pittie and she came home to us with joint issues. I switched to your foods six months ago and it has been the best change in their lives. My Akilah prances and bounces again, Maiden has her energy back and Rogue walks and runs like a pup! Their coats are soft and shiny and they shed less. It is wonderful to see them active happy and not hurting. Thank you for all you do to make all pet babies live a wonderful life. Sue