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Dear Freshpet, We are so pleased with your product! Our Pug Eddie "Ed" is 12 years old. He has lost most of his teeth and he was not eating well. Because of this, he began showing signs of lethargy, weight loss, and aging. We saw your commercial with "Rudy" the pug, and knew we had to try your product - we felt it may be our last hope. We started feeding him the Chicken with vegetables, for about two weeks, and WOW what a difference. He is eating again!!! He has gained (healthy) weight, he is spunky and playful. We feel like we got our 5 year old Eddie back! He is excited to eat - the minute we ask him if he wants his chicken he races us to the kitchen. We could not be happier with your product. You may have helped us add years to our fur baby and we can not thank you enough for that!!! Sincerely yours, Rachelle and Courtney