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Dear Freshpet, Bugsy is my family’s beloved 12+ year old Shih Tzu. We adopted him about a decade ago from the San Francisco SPCA – little did we know then how much he would become such a loving and integral part of our family. We have always tried to give Bugsy the best that we can in anything and everything. So, a few years ago, my dad switched Bugsy from a kibble diet to Freshpet’s tender chicken recipe. He knew that it was much better quality, fresher, and simply healthier for Bugsy long term. What we didn’t realize is how much happier Bugsy would be with the new diet! For years, Bugsy’s Freshpet meal time has been some of his most joyful moments. As soon as he hears the fridge open and the bag come out, he automatically runs over and wags his tail in anticipation of what is always the best meal. He was never like that with past meals, and we surely can’t take away what means so much to him. Being 12+ years old as a dog isn’t always easy. It comes with its fair share of health challenges, and some days are easier than others. However, through the ups and the downs – tail wagging, frequent jumping in anticipation of the food, and pure joy has consistently come from Bugsy because of Freshpet. It means so much to me and my family that your product brings so much excitement and bliss to Bugsy, and surely, it’s helped with his health too (our vet says he couldn't be better for his age!). Thanks, Freshpet! We are endlessly thankful. Love, Bugsy’s Family