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TJ’s Story

My 14 year old rescue kitty, TJ, developed a thyroid issue. I tried the ear cream and the transdermel gel. He absolutely hated having anything put in his ear. We couldn't keep his levels where they needed to be. My vet said the tablets would provide the best efficacy. Getting a tablet down a cat is almost impossible. Masking the flavor was almost impossible. I saw Freshpet in our local Publix and thought I'll give this a try. I crush his tablet, take a little more than a teaspoonful and squish it on top, then roll it into a ball, like a sausage ball. Well my TJ loves it. He get's the medication twice a day this way. His last check up we actually had to reduce his dosage to half (2.5 mg twice daily from 5 mg) and the hope is at his next check up to go to once a day at the 2.5 mg dose. I hope some will read this and find it beneficial if they have a cat or dog and are having problems giving tablet medication. Really for TJ this has been a lifesaver. Thank you.

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